Rainbow wagon adds a splash of colour to ore trains  

December 12, 2023
Tuesday December 11th Photo by: Rebecca Lundh.

The colourful ore car is symbolic of LKAB’s major initiative to be an even more welcoming company. “To fuel our innovation and competitiveness we aim to attract the best talent, so it’s crucial that everyone – regardless of origin, religion or gender identity – feels at home here,” says Maria Reinholdsson, Senior Vice President HR at LKAB. 

As LKAB undergoes a historic expansion phase and transforms to embrace cutting-edge fossil-free technology for the future of iron production; competition for employees and the need for new skills and talent is greater than ever.

“Our journey of transformation requires a diverse and dynamic team, so we’re recruiting as widely as possible. Just as innovative thinking and taking responsibility are vital to realising our business strategy, we’re making sure that diversity and inclusion are well established in our corporate culture. We’re looking to recruit locally as well as reaching out globally, and if people are to stay then our culture must value and respect each individual,” explains Maria Reinholdsson, LKAB’s Senior Vice President HR.

To increase and secure capacity on the Iron Ore Line, LKAB has invested significantly in new locomotives and ore cars – giving rise to the idea of creating a wagon in rainbow colours to emphasise the company’s commitment to diversity.

“We want to show how important this is to LKAB. It underlines how fundamental we believe it is to be diverse and inclusive,” says Catarina Albertsson, Head of Locomotives and Cars at railway company LKAB Malmtrafik.

Catarina Albertsson, Section Manager LKAB Malmtrafik. Photo: Rebecca Lundh.

LKAB has been actively working to expand its diversity for a number of years.

“We continuously measure and survey to make sure LKAB is an attractive and safe workplace for everyone, but we acknowledge there is more work to be done – we still have a way to go before we reach our goal,” says Maria Reinholdsson, Senior Vice President HR. 

There is already a gold wagon in one of the train sets on the Iron Ore Line, painted to mark the one thousandth car.

“Having ordered a hundred new Fanoo wagons, we decided to make a statement by painting the first car produced in rainbow colours,” says Catarina Albertsson.

The rainbow-painted wagon is ready for use and will run along our entire Luleå-Narvik route. Photo: Rebecca Lundh.

Initially the colourful wagon will run on the southern circuit, so keep an eye on the line between Malmberget and Luleå for the greatest chance of catching this celebration of diversity.