LKAB offers leave of absence for work in health care

April 8, 2020

Due to the coronacrisis, LKAB is now offering employees the opportunity to take leave of absence, with retained salary, to work in health care.

Region Norrbotten, like all other regions and county councils, is in great need of personnel with training in health care to meet the ongoing coronacrisis. LKAB is contributing by offering employees leave of absence to work in the care sector. During leave of absence, employees will retain their basic salary and other supplements and benefits included in the terms of employment contracts. Region Norrbotten will remunerate co-workers for, for example, inconvenient work hours, on-call duty and other forms of overtime.

“We encourage those who have training in health care and who wish to make a contribution to speak with their supervisors, who will assess the possibility for leave of absence. The supervisor will contact the relevant HR Business Partner for further consultation,” says Åse Juhlin, Human Resources Manager.

Most in demand are trained personnel, such as assistant nurses/nursing orderlies, registered nurses, ambulance attendants and medical administrators.