Forecast for traffic start on the Ore Railway on 7 March

March 1, 2024
Kran lyfter malmtåg på lastbil
Work in progress in Vassijaure. Photo: Anders Lindberg.

The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) has now reviewed the section that was damaged in the derailment on 24 February north of Vassijaure. It is about 1.5 kilometres of track where work has begun, including replacement of material and repair of the signal and electrical system. Today, the Swedish Transport Administration also issued a forecast for the start of traffic, which is set for Thursday 7 March at 4 pm. 

“It is gratifying that we can start running our deliveries on Malmbanan northwards already next week. LKAB has offered to help where we can in the restoration work, of course with the Swedish Transport Administration as a coordinating force. For example, we will test drive the facility with a fully loaded ore train, followed by frequent inspections by the Swedish Transport Administration,” says Caroline Wiss, CEO of LKAB Malmtrafik.

It was on Saturday evening 24 February that an empty LKAB train derailed at Vassijaure station. During the week, clearance work has been ongoing and the Swedish Transport Administration, together with the Swedish Accident Commission, has investigated the railway line. During the morning of 1 March, the Swedish Transport Administration received permission to begin the restoration work and later that day was able to give a forecast for the start of traffic.