Climate, competitiveness, energy – making an effective transition in Sweden

29 Jun 2023

The iron and steel industry accounts for approximately 7 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and there is an increasingly intense race to gain an advantage in the journey towards sustainable production with a focus on electrification. How can we achieve this with related electricity needs, and what opportunities and challenges exist for Sweden in creating the world’s first fossil-free value chain for iron and steel production? How do we combine climate benefits with strengthened competitiveness, and how can conflicting interests be resolved?

Welcome to a panel discussion about the major power shift that lies ahead, with regional, national, and global dimensions.

Thursday, June 29, from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Norra Scen, Fiskargränd 5, Visby

Participants: Jan Moström (LKAB), Daniel Liljeberg (Government Offices of Sweden), Mikael Damberg (Socialdemokraterna), Märta Stenevi (Miljöpartiet), Christina Båge-Friborg (SSAB), Johan Kuylenstierna (Formas), Niklas Wahlberg (Volvo), Svante Axelsson (Fossil Free Sweden).

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