Information about e-invoice

Information about the transition to e-invoicing via Peppol and Interconnect for suppliers to LKAB, LKAB Malmtrafik AB and LKAB Berg & Betong AB.

For a more efficient, faster and more secure invoice process, we have decided to switch to a electronic invoice process for supplier invoices. To send an electronic invoice, you need to have an agreement with an e-invoice operator. If you currently do not have the opportunity to send e-invoices, please contact Logiq and they will help you find a solution.

How to do it

  1. Inform your current e-invoice operator (VAN supplier) that you wish to send an e-invoice to LKAB.
  2. Start sending e-invoices according to the content requirements described below. Please check that your first invoice has been received by us.

Content requirements

In order for us to process your e-invoices, one of the following requirements must be met.

Goods invoice must contain our order number

Order number: seven digits, WITHOUT letters (example 7954354)

Overhead invoice must contain

Reference where the name of the customer is stated with first and last name or the username at LKAB.

E-invoice via Peppol or EDI operator

LKAB is connected to Peppol and we prefer if you send your invoices to us that way. E-invoice can also be sent via your EDI operator. Any attachments must be in PDF format.


LKAB Malmtrafik AB

LKAB Berg och Betong AB

Interconnect: Logiq is the operator, address to organisation number (see table above).

Contact us with any questions and for more information

With questions for LKAB, contact:

LKAB Malmtrafik AB:

If you don’t have an EDI operator and want to get in touch with Logiq’s sales department, contact:


If you can’t send an electronic invoice, we accept PDF’s at the following addresses:

LKAB Malmtrafik:
LKAB Berg & Betong AB: