In order for the application for a new environmental permit to be as good as possible, we need help. Therefore, consultations are held, so that everyone who is affected by changes in LKAB's operations will have an opportunity to speak. Here we share documents and information about ongoing and upcoming consultations.

Man taking sample from lake.

Why consultations?

A consultation is a statutory process in the Environmental Code in order to collect information and knowledge for a permit examination. The consultation also gives nearby residents and other stakeholders the opportunity to provide early information and views on the planned activities.

Employee in work clothes looking out on working area outside.

How consultation works

Consultations sometimes take place through meetings and other information initiatives, sometimes only in written form. In support of the consultation, a document is produced, in which intended changes, possible environmental impact and the design and scope of the operation are described.

Do you have any other questions or concerns about the consultation process or LKAB and the environment? Please contact us.