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SSGSSG education is mandatory for persons who are going to work within LKAB's areas. If you do not have current education, your application for entry will be rejected.SSG education1. Entrepreneur accesses SSG's website via www.ssg.se2. Register the company with name and organization number3. Registering company contact4. Registers the persons who will attend the basic education, as well as the local education (SSG Entré basic course and LKAB Local education)5. When the persons have completed the programs, this must then be certified in the system by the contact person at the company the person is working on before they are approved.6. The application for admission is only approved for certified and certified education.For questions regarding SSG, please contact SSG via

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OBS! This application replaces previously submitted applications. Enter all the areas and options where the person requires eligibility.

Fill in all the fields and options that you are seeking access under: Application for permission relates to Describe tasks, specify the time period, reason and to which or what areas you are applying to more specifically. For example: Luleå ore port for maintenance work. NOTE! The application replaces previous applications and permits. This means that the previous areas and new areas need to be specified in your application.