Get a head start as a trainee

Do you want the best possible transition from studies to working life and a boost in your career? Our trainee program is mainly aimed at you who are a newly graduated engineer from a college or university.

Medarbetare under jord i Kirunagruvan
Erik, Per and Celine in the Kiruna mine. Photo: Andreas Lind

The trainee program lasts for nine months and alternates training with internships both at your future workplace and in our main areas, such as mining, logistics and special products. During the training, you get insight into our activities, processes and how all parts interact.

We believe in you and your capacity. With us, you get a unique start to your future career.

We are currently reviewing our trainee program, and expect to start the next one in 2025, at the earliest. In the mean time, you are welcome to apply to our open positions.

Do you have questions about the program?