Welcome to LKAB, virtually.

Are you curious about life in the world's largest iron ore mine? You are welcome to pay us a visit in this virtual experience.

This virtual experience of LKAB is a near realistic version of our mine below Kirunavaara in Kiruna. Tweaks have been made and shortcuts taken to smoothen the experience and ensure corporate security, as well as in the name of artistic freedom.

This implementation was developed using the gaming engine Unreal. The initial version is made for two dimensional screens – desktop, tablets, mobile phones etc. To experience it, you simply need a somewhat modern browser. Enjoy!

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The mine at Kiirunavaara

The mine underneath Kiirunavaara is the world's largest underground iron ore mine. Here, every day, enough iron ore to build 6,5 Eiffel Towers is mined.

Michael Lowther

Going deeper

Today, our main level in Kiruna is at 1,365 meters below ground, but as we move ahead with our transformation towards a sustainable future, we will be going even deeper.