Still unclear when traffic can resume on the northern Malmbanan after new derailment

February 26, 2024
LKAB’s salvage team is still waiting for the go-ahead to start clearing.

Following the new derailment at Vassijaure station on Saturday evening 24 February, it is still uncertain when recovery and repairs can start, and when traffic can resume.

LKAB Malmtrafik investigated the site on Sunday and Monday, as did the Swedish Transport Administration. It is still unclear when a forecast for the start of traffic will arrive.

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority is also visiting the site to decide whether they should investigate this derailment, like the previous one. The police have started a preliminary investigation into sabotage.

Iron ore products are once again stored in Kiruna and Svappavaara, where previously more than 3 million tonnes, roughly 500 full train loads, are in storage.