LKAB Mekaniska becomes partner in SSAB Hardox WearParts Network

January 24, 2020
Four people in a row.
From the left, José Rovira SSAB, Roland Törngren SSAB, Robert Nyberg LKAB Mekaniska, Jarl Uggla LKAB Mekaniska

"That LKAB Mekaniska has been selected as a partner in the Hardox Wearparts Network is a sign of quality, reliability and competence", says Jarl Uggla CEO at LKAB Mekaniska He continues, "we look forward to the technical support we receive from SSAB and hope that the expertise of wear and tear in the Mining Segment will benefit our customers. With LKAB Mekaniska's broad expertise and modern fleet, we help our customers all the way from the drawing tables to the paintwork."

Worldwide network

Hardox Wearparts is a worldwide network of wear parts manufacturers that provide wear and tear, and wear solutions that keep the industry running with optimized productivity and longevity. The Hardox Wearparts network is closely linked to SSAB, a specialized steel company that manufactures Hardox® wear plate, Duroxite® hard-welded products, Strenx® construction steel, Toolox® machine and tool steel and many other steel varieties for demanding wear applications.

Each Hardox Wearparts Centre places high demands on staff skills and ensures the quality, performance and safety of the centre’s parts and services. Hardox Wearparts members have access to what is probably the world’s largest knowledge base on wear. Experiences from other centers and SSAB wear specialists are practically translated into our customers’ equipment and installations.


“LKAB Mekaniska will also become a supplier of its patented WRC Bolts to Hardox Wearpart’s worldwide network, creating additional business opportunities”, adds Jarl Uggla.

“We are very impressed with LKAB Mekaniska’s mining application skills and machine fleet, which together backs the company’s growth plans for the Ore fields. SSAB is very proud to start another collaboration between LKAB”, says José Rovira, SSAB Special Steels, Sales Director NEC.