LKAB in Almedalen

LKAB and Norra Scen are back at the political week in Visby. Welcome to join important discussions about the green industrial transition in the north.

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Journey towards a sustainable future

Together with other societal actors and leading voices from the business sector, politics, and academia, we gather in Almedalen to discuss the way forward for the ongoing transition. What challenges remain, and what do we need to solve to enable the journey towards a sustainable future?

Tre personer vid ståbord på scen.

Norra Scen – arena for green transition

In collaboration with Region Norrbotten and Luleå University of Technology, we set up Norra Scen, just north of the main Almedalen stage. The arena, with well-attended seminars and appreciated conversations, is now being arranged for the third time.

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LKAB in Almedalen 2024

In this year's program, we will focus on electrification, critical infrastructure and safety connected to the necessary transformation. We also participate in many discussions on critical raw materials and increased self-sufficiency, permit processes, and societal development.

LKAB organizes one seminar and one roundtable discussion at Norra Scen on June 25 and Jun 26, respectively. Moderated by Karin Hübinette. You’ll find us at Fiskargränd 5. Welcome!

Our seminars

From power punches to handshakes – how do we build the fossil-free energy society?

Tuesday, June 25th, 9.30-10.30

The shift from fossil energy to fossil-free electricity is the main track and the major challenge in ongoing transition towards a sustainable future. With today’s almost completely fossil-free electricity production, the conditions are in place for Sweden to reach the goal of doubling electricity production before 2045. But today’s rules of the game slow down both investment and innovation. How do we promote the growth of the energy society, and create a system that provides as low and competitive electricity prices as possible.

Participants: Jonas Birgersson (entrepreneur and visionary), Stefan Savonen (LKAB), Markus Wråke (Energiforsk), Åsa Pettersson (Energiföretagen), Per Tryding (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden), Per Eckemark (Svenska Kraftnät).

Roundtable: In the wake of the transformation – how do we build resilience in the north?

Wednesday, June 26th, 13.15-14.45

Fossil-free electricity and the materials necessary for electrification are key to European security, Swedish competitiveness and a sustainable future for future generations. The world’s eyes are directed towards northern Sweden and the Cap of the North as a hub for securing critical infrastructure and access to strategically important raw materials. But the region is struggling with a lack of necessary capacity to meet the needs. How do we create functioning rules of the game that meet both preparedness requirements and the needs for rapid reforms, and have the ability to distinguish large from small when conflicts of interest are to be resolved? Around the tables, politicians, researchers and specialists are interspersed with company leaders and general directors to contribute to dialogue and necessary development.

Meet us in Almedalen

In addition to our seminars, we participate in many other discussions during the Almedalen week. You can find us in the Almedalskalendariet. Do not hesitate to contact us if you meet us in Visby.

Jan Moström

President and CEO

Niklas Johansson

Niklas Johansson

Senior Vice President, Communication and Climate

Pia Lindström

Pia Lindström

Senior Vice President, Environment and Sustainability

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Stefan Savonen

Energy and Climate

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Kerstin Brinnen

Corporate Lawyer and Regulatory Affairs

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David Högnelid

Chief Strategy Officer, Special Products

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Linus Niva

Manager at the Urban Transformation

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Mikko Viitala

Communications Strategist

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Johanna Fogman

Communications Officer

If you want to get in touch with us regarding potential discussions in Almedalen, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Mikko Viitala

Communications Strategist


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