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For 130 years we have been bringing jobs to our region, wealth to our country, and iron and steel to buildings, bridges, and vehicles all over the world.

Over the years people from every corner of the world have joined us to live and work in this cool and beautiful place. And together we have moved mountains, buildings, and even entire towns.  Now we are taking the next step, when we plan to extract critical minerals; rare earth elements and phosphorous as a by-product from out iron ore production.

For Luleå, LKAB’s planned circular industrial park for extraction of critical minerals means major investment and up to 500 new jobs, a whole new industrial cluster for chemical engineering will be created.

Join us and help us take on one of our greatest challenges yet.

Our greatest challenge. Your greatest opportunity.

“We will recruit new types of skills when we build a completely new type of industry. Chemical engineers, agronomists and metallurgists, for example. This will be an attractive project where you have the chance to build something from scratch, become part of a circular and climate-efficient business model and provide Sweden and Europe with critical minerals,” – Leif Boström, Senior Vice President LKAB

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Within the next couple of years, we are looking to hire a wide range of competencies such as:

• System and automation engineers

• Technicians with an engineering background

• Maintenance engineers

• Chemical engineering

• Project managers

• Production managers

• Plant managers

• Product manager

• Competences in Business Development and Marketing