LKAB Go North Challenge

Take the challenge and win!

Welcome to LKAB Go North Challenge. This is your chance to win a grand prize trip to Kiruna, Sweden for two! Take the quiz and win.

This quiz is designed to help you learn more about the stunning Norrbotten region and insights to our mining operations at LKAB. Are you ready to test your knowledge and explore exciting opportunities in this unique region? Let’s get started!

How do I win?
1. Answer the question about Sweden’s Northernmost region
2. Explain why you should be the winner of this challenge
3. Send in your full name and email address

Prize details:
The prize includes a visit to the world’s largest underground iron-ore mine and one night at Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. The runner-up prize is a pair of alpine skis.

1. In which country is the region of Norrbotten located?

2. What does LKAB stand for?

3. Which two main products does LKAB primarily mine?

4. How large is the area of the municipality of Kiruna as compared to the area of the Netherland

5. What natural phenomenon can be witnessed in the Norrbotten region during winter?

6. LKAB is committed to sustainability. Which innovative method is LKAB planning to use to eliminate carbon emissions in their operations?

7. When LKAB has finalized the transition to carbon free products by 2045, how much will that decrease CO2 emission to the atmosphere?

8. The production of Electric Vehicles requires more metals and minerals compared to fossil fueled cars. How many times more?

9. The Netherlands is the second most densely populated country in Europe with more than 500 per km2. What is the population density in Norrbotten per km2.?  

10. What is the name of the indigenous people who have traditionally lived in the Norrbotten region?

Go North Challenge Rules

The winner of the top prize will be selected from the participants who have a full score in the questionnaire and has written the best motivation why they should win the trip to Kiruna, Sweden. The runner-up will win a pair of alpine skis. The draw will take place on April 30 and we will contact each winner via e-mail. LKAB will not pay any tax imposed on the winner as a result of the prize; this is the responsibility of the winner. Winners must be at least 18 and older. *Employees at LKAB or family members of employees at LKAB may not participate in the competition. The winners will be selected by a jury consisting of representatives from LKAB's HR department and their decision cannot be appealed.